The Ultimate Motivation CD

The Ultimate Motivation The essence of 30 years wisdom, education and training The Ultimate Power on one single CD Dr C’s Power Audio for Champions: Now you’ve got the power! The ultimate motivation – The change you've been waiting for - The essence of over one thousand seminars – The wisdom of the greatest single force for positive life change in the world: Dr. C! - Here he presents his powerful wisdom, education and training in one powerful motivational CD with music presented by Roy Smoothe. Motivational – Inspirational – Personal Development – Success Producing This CD can give you the self confidence and Motivation to achieve all of your Dreams Why waste your time and money somewhere else when you can get it all from the master himself? What experts have to say: Consul Dr. Dieter F Kindermann - Founder of one of the largest financial companies in Europe: “Dr Leonard Coldwell is not simply the number one in professional Motivational Success Training he is the Only One! In over three decades I have hired many speakers and trainers worldwide, and I paid them a lot of money to come and speak to my partners and employees. The problem was there were never any long term results from their speeches, no permanent changes, no personal development, no major or consistent changes in financial growth! “Then my dear friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell started to speak for my people and started to train them and that's when everything changed for the better for everyone involved. And it changed massively, instantly and consistently. I witnessed growth, permanent changes and positive results. I knew I had wasted my money on all those other speakers and they didn't offer even 1% of the results that Dr. Coldwell produces on a regular basis. “I repeat, when it comes to personal development, motivation, success and health training, coaching and education, there is ONLY ONE man worth investing your time and money in and that is Dr. Leonard Coldwell or, as his friends call him, Dr. C!” Kevin Trudeau - Mega bestselling author, consumer advocate, TV personality and one of the most recognized men in the world says: “You can't even measure Dr. Leonard Coldwell together with others – Dr. C is in a league of his own!” Dr. Reinfried Pohl - Founder and owner of the largest finance consulting company (DVAG) in Europe and perhaps one of the richest private persons in the world says: “What Dr. Coldwell did for our company is world class, world championship performance.”

The Ultimate Motivation CD
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