IBMS™ Stress Reduction Package

 Purchase the IBMS™ Stress Reduction Package & you have the option to purchase The Champion 3CD Package @ 40% off.  The Champion package retails $99.00, for a limited time purchase for $59.00  The Champion package includes 1. Take Charge of Your Life 2. Bring Out the Champion 3. Life's Solutions

1. Total Relaxation CD. Learn how to relax deeper than you ever imagined with this CD, which combines brain sync audio with progressive relaxation techniques. As you listen, you will let go of emotional and mental stress, which can be detrimental to your health and peace of mind. The purpose of this session is to induce deep relaxation, so that your body will regenerate and heal. 2. Breathing Techniques CD. In this invigorating session. Dr. Coldwell teaches you how to oxygenate your body using breathing techniques. Optimum breathing can noticeably change the quality of your health and energy level. 3. Self Healing CD. This is Dr. Coldwell's ultimate self-help session. You will discover how to stimulate the body's self-healing powers and regeneration process. As you relax and let go of stress, your tension will melt away, and you'll have new found energy to face life's challenges.

IBMS™ Stress Reduction Package
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