How To Stop Compromising & Start Living

How to Stop Compromising and Start Living 2-CD Program

For the first time ever, Dr. Leonard Coldwell will show you how to become the person you were meant to be ON YOUR OWN TERMS!  You will learn the art of self-leadership and independence!    


You will also learn...


  • What compromise is and why it is so dangerous!
  • The art and science of being your “own” person!
  • How to think for yourself without worrying about what other’s think!       
  • How compromising becomes a bad habit and how to reverse this cycle!
  • Why you should NEVER COMPROMISE in any area of your life!
  • The difference between cooperating and compromising! 
  • How to get out of --- OR improve a relationship based on compromises!
  • Examples of how you may be compromising your life away without even knowing it!  
  • How to go from an “employee” mentality to an “ENTREPRENEUR” mindset!
  • Why you must always have integrity and its relationship to compromise!
  • The TRUTH about forgiveness!  (You likely never heard this before)
  • The definition of a TRUE friend and why you should never compromise in your friendships!
  • Simple exercises to go from “compromiser” to “champion!”


And so much more!

How To Stop Compromising & Start Living
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