Audio Book-The Only Answer To Stress

All illnesses come from lack of energy, and the greatest energy drainer is mental and emotional stress, which I believe to be the root cause of all illness. This audio will help you to create a stress, anxiety and depression proof life. You will be given the education tools and coaching you need to learn how to see and treat life’s “problems”and how to see them as “challenges,” and you will receive the knowledge and action plans as to how to take on this great opportunity this great change that we call “LIFE” in a manner that will enable you to always have your individual: “Only Answer to Stress, Anxiety and Depression.” “I have seen many patients that Dr. Coldwell cured from cancer and other diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus and Parkinson’s and even muscular dystrophy and many more, and I am still in constant all Dr. Coldwell’s talent and results” –Dr. Thomas Hohn MD NMD licensed IBMS Therapist.

Audio Book-The Only Answer To Stress
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